Big Wall. Big Idea.

Do you have one? A big wall? A big dilemma? So did my mom. This design idea came to me seven years ago when she and her husband made the decision to redecorate his former bachelor pad and give it the feminine element it was longing for. The two story wall in their great room was screaming for attention. So, this is what I came up with and it still looks stellar today: Can you see it? My mom wanted a soft wine colored background to work with her finishes. With a wall that large, seven years ago, most people defaulted to a "faux finish". We went with 4'x4' squares that alternate directions acheived by glaze brushing in 2 directions. See the detail in this photo:
The painting contractor painted the base coat. He then taped 4'x4' sections. After that, he painted every other section with a wide brush using one shade lighter and a glaze. He brushed every other section horizontally/vertically creating a subtle checkerboard pattern on this enormous wall. After seven years it stills looks great.


  1. Yay! A design Blog-LOVE it!!
    Definitely will be checking out on a regular basis-i Always need some Good ideas-and Mindy-i know you're full of them!!
    Nicole K.

  2. Was just talking about this wall last week! Wonder how that would work on these textured walls down south????


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