a little Eye Candy

When faced with finishes from the 1990's, I find that basic colors were present but there was not much interest or style. For example, all of my bathrooms either HAVE or HAD basic 4x4 cream ceramic tile with an "accent" color used for interest. My children's bathroom was given an "accent" color of navy blue. It is important to recognize that I plan to renovate this room at some point, but it is low, low, low on the priority list. In the meantime....

Five years ago, I was inspired by a candy-colored pallette in a New York City Coffeehouse. When I arrived home from that trip, I went to work on a color grid in the kid's bathroom that involved the aforementioned navy blue.

Here is the end result:

(do you see the lovely floor?)

The wonder of this room (that gets harshly abused daily by the three tiny ones) is that it remains one of my favorite rooms in the house. The colors are still fresh and it does not scream "kids bathroom". I created 3 paintings with the leftover paint:

My friends always think I bought these on http://www.etsy.com/.

Style. Even in the splash zone.


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