Thanks to one of my design school pals, I recently discovered Pinterest. It is a wonderful place for me to collectively catalog all my inspirational design finds on the web. I hope the link works for you (sometimes tempermental) and you follow along

while I pin and repin and repin and pin....

I LOVE this time of year. The neighborhood is so FRESH. Everything is so green. Our street blossomed with flowering pear trees these last few weeks and now they are lush and gorgeous. I look out at the backyard and try to decide what I will be planting in and amongst the perennials this year. Usually, I default to things that attract me at the local nursery. Coneflowers that get eaten by some assailant. Predictable petunias. Flowers that are gorgeous in color but not well thought out as to when they will bloom.

This year, I am going to go down a different path.



So much TEXTURE!

Mesmerizing color combos.

I am going to plant dozens of them and hope for the best.
They are perfect for this ridiculous clay/soil that we have been blessed with in the midwest.

Stay tuned.

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