Do you remember when you were little and you were invited over to a really fun friend’s house? She had the best snacks, the coolest mom, the funniest jokes, the best advice and THE Barbie Dreamhouse. I feel like I am going on THAT playdate today. A fellow blogger has invited me over to her virtual world and I am having a difficult time wiping the smile off my face. I respect her mad skills more than she can imagine.

Join me over at for a peek into her world and a little inspiration from me on designing your kid’s spaces.
We needed a big piece of artwork and I did not want "plop art" in our family room.

One night, while combing through the photographers on Etsy, I found Tracey Capone. She is so talented at shooting architecture. Her eye for detail and the way she finishes her work is mesmerizing. I reached out to her (she was travelling in Europe feeding her mind) and asked her to shoot our first home in Chicago.

She took some shots and emailed me this proof days later:

We LOVE it.

To look at those windows brings back so many memories of our first years together as a couple. Our big, chubby, yellow lab used to sit on the back of our couch (like a cat) and gaze out that bay window everyday. I remember the wreaths on the gaslights at Christmas time and ivy that grew up the building in the summer. I can still hear the old wood door open and close and am reminded of a time I fell on that quarry tile stoop. Hauling a huge baby stroller up the steps was such a chore but I remember all the fun we had with our first born

when we were living the city life.

Such good times. All great memories that come flooding in because of a picture.

Thanks Tracey!

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