Last Sunday it rained all night and into the morning. I was bummed. Once a month the Sandwich Antique Market tempts me with it's treasures and this was MY month. I was on the lookout for things. I felt a little birthday luck on my side and I felt like I would score BIG!

I needed a few tables for my living room since I had moved things around and I was also looking for more unique storage pieces. What I found was LOVE. When I saw a break in the clouds, I packed up my 2 1/2 year old daughter, cleared out the multi-purpose mini van, blew threw the ATM, and hit the gas to Sandwich, IL.

We found so many treasures! So many deals. So much fun! Bocce Balls that once entertained people for hours. Old stove pipe covers that could be used as frames. Street signs that would make fun wall art. Old chicken coops that could serve so many purposes. My daughter's pre-school design dreams formulated right before my eyes. She was so animated when we found THE tables (see metal tables below). It was magical. These tables came from an estate in Michigan. Their industrial edge was just what I wanted. The stories people told us made me swoon.

I am in love with uniqueness in people and in things. I am also in love with deals. Perhaps it's all for show, but haggling down the tagged price with the "exhausted" vendor puts a big smile on my face when I walk away with something I won't find in a catalog. Yet.

I overheard a woman say she saw similar lockers (like these above) pulled out of Indiana University in one of her newer catalogs. For $1200! These were less than $500.

Is your last name Horton or Helm? You should buy this.

I agonized over this chicken coop for an hour. The vendor was so sweet and her stories were fantastic. I actually loved her whole booth but settled on another old wooden coop that dates back to the early 1900's. The metal one needed lots of work but it was so awesome.

It's a great time. Let me know if you want to go. I love sharing this treasure.

The Circle of Style continues this week with a look at some awesome bathroom
ideas from my circle of friends….

The house is vintage which explains the dainty pass through door next to the loo. You cannot fully grasp how incredible the animal print wallcovering is paired with the chandelier and other finishes. I also love her guest towel basket which makes me feel like I am at a hotel when I use the “potty”.

The curves of this tub with the curves of the ceiling are just one element that makes this bathroom so romantic. The gorgeous “egg” tub sits in a space where a large walk in shower used to be. The bath was narrow and felt clausterphobic. The new shower is still large and was relocated to the far end of the room. Dark stone floors carry into the shower and give you the feeling of being in a spa-like cavern.

The next two pictures are from the same bathroom. I instantly fell in love with the travertine floor. Custom millwork in a rich espresso finish compliments the oil rubbed bronze finishes.

If you want unique, you have to love this next bathroom. My friend admires family photographs and she has the freedom in her home to use them. (I have restrictions placed on me by my groom or my home would mimic hers. Ugh.) She has turned her powder room into a gallery of the family.

Finally, you have seen this is previous posts, but I fall more in love with my bathroom everyday. (I cannot believe I lived with that pink/cream tile as long as I did.)

More great ideas next week....stay tuned.

I run in some pretty fun circles and

I am extraordinarily blessed to have friends with STYLE.
These friends have volunteered their homes to you for your viewing pleasure.
In the upcoming weeks, you will see some really great ideas from my
friends with style. Let’s start with kitchens (Yeah!)…

This kitchen has most of its original “bones”. My stylish friend painted her existing oak cabinets and added the hood and trim. The island is custom with black bead board and a butcher-block top. Her custom backsplash pulls it all together. Love the paint color!

This kitchen was gutted (see above and below). Original oak cabinets gave way to gorgeous chestnut brown millwork with details to make you drool. The gleaming granite has accents of gold and rich veining that add to the clean aesthetic of this new kitchen.

Next up is a kitchen that I would never leave if it was mine.

The sunlight beams through that gorgeous over the sink window and the whole space is beyond warm, friendly, and inviting. These cabinets were painted and given an antiqued vintage look by the owners. They contrast against the dark oak floors with perfect compliment.

Make yourself at home.

This kitchen screams STYLE (above and below).

My designer friend has it ALL going on.
Everything she touches turns gorgeous.
This kitchen was totally redone in her vintage Hinsdale, IL home.

The light fixture glitters and gives her marble countertops perfect balance.
She has an incredible art collection that you will see in future posts. Love, love, love.
See anything inspiring?

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