This girl is so talented. Her eye for palettes is inspiring.

The best part is her website that includes a handy palette search:

When designing a master paint palette for a client, I use the floor plan and plug in large areas of neutrals with pops of colors in smaller and sometimes unexpected places. Jessica's palettes are an inspiration for endless paint parties.

Try some for yourself.

It was another fun day at the Sandwich Antique Market. This time I had a few friends.

Actually, it was a stylish friend of mine and her 17 month old daughter.

My littlest also tagged along again and she was confused by this item shown below:

I wonder if our kids will ever see some of these items that are being sold all over the country at Antique Markets in action. Probably not. When my daughter saw a rotary telephone in another booth she asked what that was also.
With her questions came my own questions:

"Where could I use that?"
"Do I have any clients that would love this?"
"What is the history behind that piece?"
"What else can I do with that?"
Having a friend with me was a good thing because she helped me see clearly on some of these questions. She also increased my buying power. When we saw these and began brainstorming their use potential, the elderly man selling his wares suggested we buy them all.

We ended up scoring a deal by purchasing 2 each + some cool tin cans

that she picked up to use around her house.

Done. Feeling good.

Finally, we circled back to the first booth we saw upon our arrival. I had fallen for this piece pretty hard but I was against the price tag. My friend was helping me fall deeper in love telling me how great it would look in my home. I had haggled with the seller but got nowhere.

So, I decided that if it was still there when we were done, I would get it.

It was meant to be.

Funny thing. The seller lowered her price upon my return.

I scooped that coffee drum up and brought it home.

It looks good in my kitchen. The picture doesn't begin to show the awesome scale of this thing.

(I could put one of my kids in this thing-it is really big).

I love that it says "Chicago" on it and has a great history.

Once the mirror is up and the seed bags I bought are turned into pillows and the "lanterns" are filled and I find out how to add 8 more hours to my day, I will post some finished pics.

Time to schedule my U-haul for October's Market.

I am a SUCKER for vintage signs.

This Etsy Photographer/Artist has me hooked.

Check out her shop:

This week I will do little "talk" and let these gorgeous details speak for themselves:

This palette is divine.

Love the staircase, the wood stain, and the perfectly placed "Enjoy" in the Dining Room.

Just to name a few.

More love. The transom window. Perfect touch in giving a newer home a big boost of character.

This home has a lot to love and this room is one of the best. Details.

Great details. Perfectly arranged.

I adore her AND her home AND her art collection. So much to love.

This switch up of dark on top and light on bottom gives way to fun white pieces dramatically juxtaposed against the deep chocolate walls.

My friends are so talented. I hope their details have inspired you.

As a follow up to my last post...

these are my fabulous tables from the July Sandwich Antique Market:

Cannot wait to see what I discover this month.

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