A Boy's Life

Recently, I helped a friend give her son a very fun 7th birthday gift. I am sure he also received some pretty fantastic gadgets, books, and toys, but a room make-over is every kid’s dream…right? Perhaps his dream went something like this: “I sure hope my mom gets rid of these super cute bug decals all over my room that I have had since I could crawl and gets my Chicago-sports-team-lovin’ self some cool new digs for my birthday. Yo.”
If you know this kid, you will chuckle. He is very kind, extremely polite, well mannered,and has (most likely) never said Yo.

We met to discuss his favorite teams, what she wanted to keep, and what she could add/enhance to take his room into the next phase of his life.

This is the room BEFORE:

These are some AFTER details:

The new design features a bold color combination that gives warmth to the room. A timeless beige with Blackhawks "red" as an accent above the newly installed moulding.

Cleaned up accessories.
Love this detail. There is plenty of room to add pennants as he acquires them.

So much fun! He can grow with this room by changing paint colors, or adding new art and collectibles. We discussed painting a chalkboard wall or adding a custom scoreboard above his large window. Future plans include adding a desk area with locker type storage.
There is so much potential with this room AND with this boy.


  1. Love. And do NOT sell this child short. He would totally say "yo."


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