Out with the Oak

One of the world's nicest couples lives around the corner from me.  Last fall, they asked for some design assistance to renovate and upgrade their kitchen.  They have two young boys and live very active lives.  The plan was to save some money by painting their existing cabinets and stainless steel top table while updating their backsplash, lighting, paint, and window treatments. 
This is where we started:

The adjacent family room gave me color inspiration and 
I developed this style board:

The end result is so fitting for their family. For my sweet friend there are feminine touches found in the hardware and the window panels.  For her hubby and young boys there is a
richness and masculinity in the paint and lighting. 

Their contractor did a great job painting the cabinets with Sherwin Williams Maison Blanche.
He went over the base color with a light gray glaze.

See something you love? 


  1. How beautiful!! I LOVE the light fixture above the table.


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