Inspired Living

This week I am featuring a neighbor's kitchen remodel.  She had a vision that took years to build. She scoured magazines, blogs, and books. Throughout her travels she was inspired by dozens of new ideas.  She did not want to do any drastic moving of walls but needed a refresh of her finishes.  The style of her home is eclectic southwest so in keeping with that, she replaced her builder grade, white porcelain, 12"x12" tile with a beautiful slate laid in a hopscotch pattern (*note: this pattern is very labor intensive, advise your contractor if this is your desired outcome)

 In her kitchen she had pickled wood cabinets and tile countertops. It was a perfect match to her decor years ago, but with a refresh in mind, she had three main things she longed for:
(1) A wood island top (2) Creamy white cabinets (3) Slate floor throughout
We looked at many slates and even made a field trip to see what a friend had done with slate on their entire first floor.  She interviewed several tradesmen to ensure her dream of a walnut island would be perfect.  She found an amazing back splash and simply elegant island lighting at a local home improvement store. The results of her time and energy are stunning.

She has future plans for window treatments and the addition of timber beams in her adjoining family room. For now, she and her family and enjoying a beautiful, crisp, clean new kitchen.