I have been busy folks. Lots of great things are coming in 2013.  There has been a resurgence in companies spending money to create fun and innovative design products.  This all leads to the TREND REPORTS.  There are numerous reports out there and I have been diving into them head first.  In the next few posts, I will "unpack" these trends and hopefully give you some design inspiration.

10. KITCHEN CABINETS go simple

This is where you can make a huge impact in your tired kitchen.  The trend is towards less detail with an emphasis on clean and simple lines.  It borderlines on contemporary.  People are trying to simplify their lives and the family hub (i.e. kitchen) is where
life needs to be organized and uncluttered. 

9. COUNTERTOPS mean business

So long granite.  While many homeowners still LOVE granite, it is on it's way out.  Quartz is an amazing product and has been on the market for quite some time. Think Silestone, Cambria, DuPont Zodiaq to name a few.  Quartz Countertops are comprised of 95%+ quartz material which is the fourth hardest mineral in the world.
It is non-porous and scratch resistant. 
The color palettes are stunning.

8. HARDWOOD FLOORS get cleaner

Larger planks, darker stains, pre-finished and engineered wood flooring are leading the way with builders to save time.  Site finished flooring creates dust and some would argue a less durable finish.  Engineered wood floors are also compatible
with under-floor heating systems. 

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