My Styled Living life is pretty busy. Tracking trends, “pinning” ideas and inspirations, resourcing materials, dreaming up design solutions, meeting with clients, creating floor plans and design palettes, etc, etc. Oh. And Yes. The BLOG! This is my main way of communicating all this wonderful information with you. The audience. My favorite followers. Close friends. Curious Strangers. Fellow Bloggers. I love you all. That is why I need to share this fun opportunity with you……

The Blog Workshop is holding a fabulously fun and highly informational ONLINE Blog conference.  This is so appealing to me. In March, I was lusting after a Design Blog Conference that I simply could not attend. Travel, cost, childcare, time away from my day job, etc. So when a friend of mine ( posted about this online conference I stopped what I was doing and paid attention.

It is online!!! No need to travel, super duper cost effective, and an incredible line up of speakers from IZEA, Blog-Trends, Attorney Jeneba Ghatt, Blogads, Sverve CEO Rohit Vashisht and more.  There is more though….PRIZES!!  There will be giveaways such as blogging equipment, LegalZoom packages and more.

If you have ever considered blogging, this would be a great springboard for you and your company. If you are a current blogger and feel a little stuck, this might just be what you need to energize and reboot.

You could sit in your tub and attend the conference

Photo courtesy of freshome

You can go "glamping" and attend (as long as there is wifi)

Photo courtesy of Living in Portugal

Maybe you want to attend from your desk

Photo courtesy of freshome

Hang out in your beautiful Living Room and login

Photo courtesy of  Decorstorage

Chill in your super styled kitchen

Photo Courtesy of Decorpad

So think about it for a minute or two (Ticket sales end May 10th)
and use the discount Code: TBW25HURRY to get $25 off registration
(April 26th deal expires).

Here is all you need to know: