Can You Feel It?

 If you live in the North America, spring is upon us (at least we hope).  If you live in Australia, you are in the midst of autumn.  When the seasons change, our palettes change too.  If only for a season, we feel renewed or maybe we feel the need to nest. Food preferences are altered and many of us feel the urge to adjust our interiors as well.

Here are some ideas for a spring refresh:

Bring in Cherry, quince or apple blossoms for forcing.  Simply split the ends of woody stems and place them in a warm room.
You can also use seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Succulents. They are juicy fun and add the best texture to any arrangement.

Put away the heavy blankets and surround yourself with soft and fuzzy textiles that evoke the feeling of a young chick hatching.

Pair with a fun pillow

Perhaps you can replace a dark window treatment for a soft raw silk or linen drapery.

Paint a room. We know that gray is the color of the moment right now. Gray can be very tricky with your existing wood floor or carpet. Consider a fresh color with a gray undertone.  Artichoke Heart from Benjamin Moore makes a fantastic dining room color.
Change a lampshade to something more translucent or something totally fun.

For those of you in Australia/New Zealand, you are entering my favorite season. Autumn is upon you and here are some foundations to set up your interior:

Bring color inside. The season of abundance is one filled with great golds, oranges, and purples. Bring some foliage inside and let its texture create a backdrop
for your living spaces.

Pair up cozy, soft throws with a giraffe print pillow or add satin trim to your existing pillows.

Bring out the darker rattan baskets and let them be used for book and periodical storage.  Their texture compliments the natural colors of autumn.

Lay down a new area rug.
Finally, I am a realist. Not everyone has the space to store seasonal items or the budget to afford two sets of window treatments to accommodate the seasons.  Nearly all of the items you see in this blog post are from Target.  How great is that?
You CAN have it your spring AND autumn too.