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This post is extra special to me. I am featuring a beautiful home designed (and lived in) by one of the best people in my life. She is a fellow designer and genius in the details.  Recently, her home was featured on a house walk in Glen Ellyn, IL benefiting the Glen Ellyn Infant Welfare Society. 

When Amy and her awesome husband bought a sweet 2 bedroom, 1 bath home in 2004 they had big plans for a future remodel.  
The result of those big plans can be seen here in these photos.
Join me as we tour the home virtually... 
A great view of the kitchen. Gorgeous light fixtures echo a circular theme that is seen in the back splash accent tile, the bar stools, and a fantastic original window that was kept intact during the remodel.
(seen below above the breakfast nook)

She designed a built-in bench seat and had the table custom made to fit the space.

 Here is another view of the breakfast nook looking into the family room.

The family room is so gorgeous. Little touches of bling are ALL OVER this house and it is so well appointed.  The wood cladding around the fireplace was left over from a client's house that she designed. 
You know how I adore repurposed materials.
More bling and more love in this high styled living room. The settee has been in the family for years. She reupholstered it to heighten it's style.
The dining room is divine. I could stare at the pendant all night. The white lacquer table is the perfect contrast to the black dining chairs. The buffet is custom designed by the homeowner and built to fit over a staircase below that leads to the basement. She found silver trays at flea markets, painted chalkboard paint on them and hand lettered a prayer that her grandfather used to say a mealtime.
Foyer light at entry. Swoon.
Want to do laundry? Heck ya! Look at this wallpaper!!! This family has travelled to some amazing places and it is illustrated by the map and photographs on the wall about the folding counter surface. WANDER....
At every turn, I love this house. Seen here is the Master Bedroom. Note the nesting tables that are stacked in the corner to form a bookshelf. Genius.

Maas Photography in Glen Ellyn did this fantastic portrait of the family above the bed. It was custom cropped to emphasize the unity of this FAB family of four.
The master bathroom tile detail is perfection. Love the cleanliness of the quartz countertop.
The oldest daughters bedroom is so sweet.
The bed was bought a a flea market and painted that gorgeous pink.
Amy painted the tree on the wall and hung beautiful vintage mirrors to reflect light and the ridiculously fun chandelier.

The youngest daughter's room is shown here. Amy also painted the stripes and vanity in this room. Love, love, love the colors in this room.
Finally, the mudroom.  The same repurposed wood is used on the bench seat. Custom millwork includes cubbies for coats, bags, and drawers for shoes.  Rectangular tiles make the space seem even bigger and the finish hides lots of undesirable dirt.

Amy Storm is crazy talented. This little tour represents a tiny portion of her immense portfolio.
Please visit to see more of her work.

(If you have a question or love something, please comment below.)


  1. I want this woman to be my friend.

    Why is she not my friend?

    You can make this happen. I'll bring the wine.

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    1. Yay you!!! +++++ I'll get right on that introduction. Wine is always a great plan.

  2. OH MY GOSH!!! I love it!! JEALOUS!! So cute! And i LOVE the tree with the mirrors!!

    1. It is super gorgeous. Seriously. Inspiration for Austin?


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