One Colorful Month | Idea 3

This month I am featuring loads of COLORFUL ideas.  Some are a result of my own experiences with client's and their homes, other ideas are based on research and/or ideas I have gleaned from other design professionals.  I believe in all of them and if I don''ll hear about it.
Travel to find inspiration.
Years ago, I discovered Sibella Court on a TV show. She oozes style and was recently featured in BHG.  There she explained how she uses her global travels to inspire new palettes. 
"When traveling, your senses are naturally heightened and you are consciously
aware of everything around you," she says.
She was inspired by hot pink turbans, and patchwork textiles in
India when creating this palette:
Sibella Court BHG Sept 2012

Clockwise: Mount Royale (Dutch Boy), Pick me Up (BHG paint from Glidden), Shangri-La (Behr), Timberline (, and Mariner (Sherwin Williams)