One Colorful Month | Idea 5

This month I am featuring loads of COLORFUL ideas.  Some are a result of my own experiences with client's and their homes, other ideas are based on research and/or ideas I have gleaned from other design professionals.  I believe in all of them and if I don''ll hear about it.
Jessica Colaluca from Madison, WI is a genius with color. I go to her Design Seeds page when I need a little creativity boost.  If you layout your floor plan and look at it from a birdseye perspective, you can incorporate Jessica's palettes in a whole floor of living space.
For example, take this board:
cherry palette
You could use the gray as your neutral foyer and hallways, the ocean blue in your kitchen, the bright blue on the back of your front door or your laundry room, the deeper cherry color in your family room, the bright cherry in your dining room, and the chartreuse is your powder room.
OR this palette:
From the top:
Living Room
Family Room
Kitchen Ceiling
Powder Room Ceiling
Powder Room
More ideas flow from this graceful palette:
Jessica is so talented.  Go visit her for more inspiration: