One Colorful Month | Idea 7

This month I am featuring loads of COLORFUL ideas.  Some are a result of my own experiences with client's and their homes, other ideas are based on research and/or ideas I have gleaned from other design professionals. 
I believe in all of them and if I don''ll hear about it.
So I recently completed my daughter's bedroom. We based her design scheme off of a bright and bold fabric that I had found (pictures some other time).  I had her window treatments custom made and did not want them to be tooooooo full.  I made a mistake.  In the a.m. the bright sun filtered through where the drapes met. I had to find a filler with out having more custom treatments made.  The result gave me an idea. Double drapes are a fantastic way to add interest and color!  See these ideas below:
Love the double curtain for color.
Double curtain example
Beautiful double curtain
canopy bed window drapes and sheers lilac colour neutral beeding
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