Sweet on this Kitchen

Last year, a friend called me and asked if I would take her on as a client.  
She wanted a master plan to renovate and update her family room and kitchen.  

With magazine clippings in hand, we talked through her dream of a creamy white, light filled kitchen where she and her family could entertain, do homework, enjoy dinner, and most importantly....create CAKE POPS!  This woman is a MASTER cake pop creator.  I will not call her a baker.  I will not call her a cake decorator.  She possesses an unbelievable talent to create ridiculously delicious cake pop treats.  I have given them to people and they are unable to eat just one.  
She must put a very special secret ingredient in them. 
It might also be the hot pink mixer that has it's own special place on the kitchen counter.
A few examples of her talent

I digress...

An interesting aspect of this project was the kitchen cabinet portion. The owners had fallen in love with Thomasville cabinets that they had seen in Southern Illinois.  The cabinets had a beautiful creamy white finish with a soft caramel glaze.  The problem was the speed at which the cabinets came into availability.  

So we decided to start with the family room.  
The couple had honeymooned in France and still had a love affair with aspects of the french country style.  
They also wanted a large sectional that the whole family could curl up. 

We ordered several new pieces and re purposed some existing pieces from other areas of the house. 
I love stealing something from one room to use in another.  
The pillows and window treatments were custom made to work with our long term plan in the kitchen. 
New paint, new light fixture, new accessories, and new carpet gave the room a completely fresh new feel.

After the family room was complete we waited for the cabinet pieces to fall into place.  The homeowners worked with a contractor to fit the new cabinets into their existing floor plan.  There were challenges and decisions that were thought through and reconsidered.  There was a garage full of cabinets and like a giant puzzle, it all came together.  

See that special mixer??

wine storage detail
Lovely filler shelves
This display of sprinkles makes me smile
Love the undermount granite sink with the Cambria quartz countertop
My insanely talented, cake pop creating, always smiling, sweet friend and 
her family now have a wonderful place to enjoy each other and their friends.


  1. OF COURSE unbelivable talent sought out unbelievable talent. Two worlds of awesomeness collided right in that living space.


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