Change is Good. Very Good.

It started as a very innocent conversation. A very stylish friend was having a few couples over for happy hour.  I was swooning over a recent project she had completed and then listened as she began describing her next design dilemma.  Without much thought, I said, “you should expand your island and lose the kitchen table. Consider switching up your family room, dining room, reading room, etc.” 
She hesitated and asked me a few questions about
resale and functionality of what I had proposed.
Sometimes I have to explain things in great detail to a client to help them visualize my ideas.  Not with her.  A spark ignited. She was a girl on fire. Within a few months, plans were underway to transform their living and entertaining spaces. 
This is an entertaining family.  They open their doors wide to friends and family everyday.  Whether you want to borrow a book, brainstorm about a school project, shoot hoops in the driveway, or toast to something special, their doors are open. 
We all know the kitchen is at the heart of so many get-togethers.  This kitchen is a dream for social hour(s).  The new extended, raised island allows for 8 people to sit comfortably and still interact easily  within the dining space and kitchen prep. 

The new dining area is sooooooooooo beautiful.  The Anthropologie curtains look like creamy, buttery, frosting perfectly framing the windows.  They are decadent.  The fireplace was handpainted from its original red brick to a distressed warm gray.  I adore a round dining table and my friend found this one at a local furniture store. She selected the finish and size and VOILA!


The new TV room is the former “formal living room”. No one needs a formal living room anymore. Do they? The previously wasted space is now a favorite spot to watch TV or curl up in the reading settee.  Gwendolyn (the family dog) loves the shaggy gray rug.
Adjacent to the front hall is the former dining room.  It is now a cozy little overflow of the kitchen with a big leather sofa and some occasional chairs.  Family pictures adorn the walls and my favorite cowhide rug brings it all together. 
I love this place and those that dwell in it.


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