It is always nice when a former client calls you and says 
"I need some help with another room...are you free this weekend?"
It is even nicer when that client has the same vision you do at the very start of the project. 
This couple has a love for vintage and an appreciation for storytelling. 
They like to mix quality pieces with antiques and whimsy.

Their adorable boys were photographed by the amazing  Alicia's Photography (then and now) and they found this fantastic Gents Only sign at the flea market. 
We framed it and added it to the gallery wall.

We wanted to highlight and accentuate the height of these gorgeous windows so we eliminated their long and heavy curtains after the new paint hit the walls. Above the fireplace we installed six framed and labeled herbarium boards – each one unique.

Accents of chartreuse and pops of blue add life to the space. 
On the vintage flashcard below it's printed with 2+2=4.
Mom+Dad+two awesome boys=family

So many fantastic pieces in this space where old meets new and stories are in every corner. 

Not much to say about this beautiful project. 
I think the subtle loveliness of the room speaks for itself. 
 The homeowners wanted to create a more functional living room. 
Maybe a space for a long glass of wine while catching up with a friend, or perhaps a quiet spot to chat with their child about a day at school. Whatever happens in this room it is now more enjoyable.

 We used my favorite Ballard Amiel mirrors to create more depth in the room 
and a super soft, sexy, shaggy rug for texture. 

This past summer we had some dear friends move away. 
They were only here a few years but they became a big part of our lives. 
When we found out they were moving, everyone prayed that a family 
just as great would buy their house.

Guess what?
It happened. 

The new family moved in and called me after a few weeks of living without furniture in their great room. They had moved from their city dwelling and now had room to spread out in the suburbs. 
We met and they shared some ideas. I listened to their wishlist. 
Their great room had some challenging angles and an outdated paint scheme. 

Here is that first day (and the photo above):

Do you love the free weights just hanging out in the middle of the room?
I think at one point there was a camp chair or two. 

The angled fireplace is always an interesting challenge. 
We had to balance it out with a built-in for the TV and all her favorite family photos.

All the new space gave the owners some heart palpitations and left them perplexed as to how to "style" the built-in. A few quick shopping trips and voila! Styled Living.

Styled Serenity in the Burbs. 

It's been awhile folks and I have been busy spinning my creative wheels all over the country. 
What have I been doing? it is....
I have always had a love of photography.
I started taking pictures in high school photography class and fell hard. Hard in love with capturing that moment in time when something awesome was happening. I was in high school. 
Everything was awesome.
In college I took some art and photography classes, annoyed my roomates with my boxes of photos, and filled physical albums (remember those) with my amatuer shots. But alas, I did not appreciate the power of my camera until I became a mom and had babies. 
That's when it clicked (no pun intended). I began taking hundreds of pictures of the baby's every move and it became an exciting hobby. 
Today it remains a hobby that allows me to share my talents.

Within the last few years I have taken many, many photos of friends and families and some amazing murals and architectural relics. 
I love finding interesting locations and seeing the magic happen behind the lens. 
I love playing catch with the sunrises and sunsets that can create amazing photos.
But most of all I love the "high" I get when I leave a photo shoot with friends and I know I hold incredible moments of their lives in my camera. 

Here are some of my favorite images from 2016:


If you want senior photos, wedding photos, or incredibly fun mini sessions....
I have three friends that have incredible full service photography businesses in IL, GA, and OH
and they are SO inspiring with their work. They are crazy amazing with their ideas and originality. 
I love seeing what they come up with next. 
Let me know if you'd like links to their work. 

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