BEST of 2016 | Styled Living Photos

It's been awhile folks and I have been busy spinning my creative wheels all over the country. 
What have I been doing? it is....
I have always had a love of photography.
I started taking pictures in high school photography class and fell hard. Hard in love with capturing that moment in time when something awesome was happening. I was in high school. 
Everything was awesome.
In college I took some art and photography classes, annoyed my roomates with my boxes of photos, and filled physical albums (remember those) with my amatuer shots. But alas, I did not appreciate the power of my camera until I became a mom and had babies. 
That's when it clicked (no pun intended). I began taking hundreds of pictures of the baby's every move and it became an exciting hobby. 
Today it remains a hobby that allows me to share my talents.

Within the last few years I have taken many, many photos of friends and families and some amazing murals and architectural relics. 
I love finding interesting locations and seeing the magic happen behind the lens. 
I love playing catch with the sunrises and sunsets that can create amazing photos.
But most of all I love the "high" I get when I leave a photo shoot with friends and I know I hold incredible moments of their lives in my camera. 

Here are some of my favorite images from 2016:


If you want senior photos, wedding photos, or incredibly fun mini sessions....
I have three friends that have incredible full service photography businesses in IL, GA, and OH
and they are SO inspiring with their work. They are crazy amazing with their ideas and originality. 
I love seeing what they come up with next. 
Let me know if you'd like links to their work.