Bright and Beautiful Kitchen

I love when bright and beautiful people get to live in a bright and beautiful kitchen. 
This space is near and dear to my heart. Fantastic friends live and love here. 
There are incredible memories being made here. 

Their old kitchen was crowded and tired. 
The 1990s had taken up residence in the colors and style. 
We completely gutted everything. 
A fresh start.

It is hard for me to put words to this project because it is so lovely and 
really speaks for itself. 
What happens in between these kitchen walls is really special. 
Families gather, friends share stories, kids do homework and 
dad creates "masterpiece" meals. 
This kitchen is the center of it all. 
A lot of joy, a lot of laughs, a lot of great conversations happen here. 
It's a million little things. 

We extended the island to add more seats and incorporate some appliances into the island. 
The lines are clean and timeless.

We removed an obtrusive bulkhead and extended the cabinetry to fall just 
below the ceiling line. We wanted to take advantage of all this great space and 
incorporating as much storage as possible. 
The wet bar and island finishes match to pull together the gray accents.
(Currently waiting on a chunky walnut shelf for wine glasses to be installed :))

There is no overkill of pattern here. Just a simple, clean and classic color palette.

The view of the golf course outside their windows is intriguing and giving the eye visual rest inside the home was a key element. 
The floors were stained dark and the table was refinished to match the island.  A custom bench was made to accomodate a few more kids for a few more parties. 

The light fixtures pull in an element of reclaimed wood and allow up and down lighting while beautiful gray veins run through the quartz and tie the 
perfect crisp white and gray cabinetry together.